Thursday, May 3, 2007

I had a freak tooth brushing accident.

This is for Ron.

While this episode affected all of my activities today, it will be fairly insignificant to you.
If you must, click the red "x".

This morning, while brushing my teeth, I had a freak tooth brushing accident.

I was stooped over about to spit into the sink. (water running-- hear that Sheryl Crow??)
While I was stooped, I gagged. I gag a lot whilst brushing my teeth. I have a very low gag threshold.

Anyhow, in that action, something twisted in my neck. I felt a pop.....

I stood up and hollered in pain loud enough to scare my cat, who was waiting on the counter for me to finish so he could get his turn at the sink.

I went to work at 5 minutes until 7.

All day long I couldn't turn my head. I had to turn my entire body to see anything outside of my peripheral vision.

In my sixth period Integrated Physics and Chemistry class, I heard some girls whispering and looking at me.

I asked them, "what are you saying??"
One of them chirped, "she just said that you were moving your head like you couldn't turn your neck and I was laughing because it did look that way!"

I told them they were right.
Later at Birra Poretti's, and Irish/Italian, pub/restaurant I was sitting and trying to drink a Bud Light. I was situated in the middle of the two tables so that I didn't have to turn so severely to see the people I was sitting with.

I later found out that a severe storm was blazing outside and tornado warning sirens were screeching... but we were none the wiser.
A waitress dropped a tray of glasses and it made a terrible noise. I jumped and jerked my head back.

I instantly had about 50% more movement than I had earlier in the day when the stiffness was the worst.

I told my friend sitting across the table to drop another glass but not to tell me when it was about to happen so that I could be scared again.

He didn't.


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