Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Social Disorder

I just became the department chair for science at my high school.

So now, I get to do twice the amount of work for the same pay (basically)!

I am a real dipstick.

Which reminds me of this IM session I had with a co-worker......

[20:37] shiver: why does everyone in our department have some type of social disorder?

[20:37] KatrinaVanTassel: they are science teachers
[20:37] KatrinaVanTassel: dork = social disorder

[20:37] shiver: ah!
[20:37] shiver: salty....

[20:37] KatrinaVanTassel: so what is the "d" word?

[20:38] shiver: huh?

[20:38] KatrinaVanTassel: I heard this kid tell a teacher in the hallway, "she called me the "d" word".
[20:38] KatrinaVanTassel: and the teacher said aghast, "Are you sure?"
[20:38] KatrinaVanTassel: and I kept walking, but all the while I kept wondering, "How does that teacher know what the "d" word is and I don't?"

[20:38] KatrinaVanTassel: Doofus?
[20:38] KatrinaVanTassel: Dingaling?

[20:38] shiver: Dick?

[20:38] KatrinaVanTassel: Dork?
[20:38] KatrinaVanTassel: Dimwit?
[20:39] KatrinaVanTassel: Dummy?

[20:39] shiver: Douche?

[20:39] KatrinaVanTassel: Dumbass?

[20:39] shiver: Dill-weed?

[20:39] KatrinaVanTassel: Dickweed?

[20:39] KatrinaVanTassel: I couldn't figure it out.


Anonymous said...

This is David X . . . . revealing the D word . .. . Democrat

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