Sunday, March 9, 2008

This must be the end of the world.

I always laugh at my dumb students when they tell me that the end of the world is coming in 2012 because there was, "even a special on the HISTORY CHANNEL about it, Miss!!!".

So I am keeping up with the news online and this is what I find out.....

They might be right.

I always thought that by the time we got to the cyborg stage in human history, we'd be zooming around in space ships or some crazy sh*t like that.

But according to New Scientist magazine, an international science news journal, cyborgs may be just a buzz away.

New Scientist reports that insects are being fitted in the larva stage with chips that not only control their movement, but may be used as spies. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency who is running the experiments reason that time is wasted trying to make a robot move and act like an animal when all that needs to be done is use an animal for the same purposes.

They have succesfully done this! And get this, larger creatures such as rats, pigeons and sharks have also been installed with spy devices by the US military with varying levels of success.


Insect spies! That's it! Game over! Brings a whole new meaning to "I wish I could be a fly on the wall."

I always tell my students not to be squeamish when doing their insect collections because insects are our #1 enemy. They take our food, ruin our crops and our homes. The bring pestilence and disease. And in the end, they win -- decomposing everything that we once held valuable, our lives, our clothes, our homes.

Now we have to worry about them being spies.

Where's the fly swatter?

This might be a good time to move to Antarctica.


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