Sunday, September 23, 2007

Asians aren't smarter, they just work harder and care more.

We wonder why "asians" are so smart?

Their families just demand more and expect more and are more disciplined.

Case in point; read this conversation between one of my 14 year-old ninth graders (Tri) and myself (KVT).

Tri (9:43:28 PM): man!
Tri (9:43:33 PM): im doing so horrible in my Vietnamese class
Tri(9:43:35 PM): >.>
KVT(9:43:06 PM): where do you take it?
Tri (9:43:53 PM): church school
Tri (9:43:57 PM): $450 is alot
Tri (9:44:11 PM): no i think it was more like $150-250 ^^
Tri (9:44:19 PM): right noww
Tri (9:44:24 PM): im in the 6th grade vietnamese class
Tri (9:44:28 PM): man i failed like 3 times alrdy
KVT (9:44:10 PM): i didn't realize you paid for it
Tri (9:44:50 PM): lol
Tri (9:44:51 PM): yea
Tri (9:44:54 PM): we also gotta pay for
Tri (9:44:56 PM): books and uniform
Tri (9:45:19 PM): but
Tri (9:45:24 PM): my family gets some kind of discount
Tri (9:45:35 PM): that reduces it to like $75 per person
Tri (9:45:49 PM): ^^
Tri (9:46:05 PM): i think it was becuz my dad died
Tri (9:46:20 PM): and some teacher pays for some percentage of it
KVT (9:45:53 PM): i didn't realize you had to wear uniforms either.
Tri (9:46:32 PM): lol
Tri (9:46:34 PM): yea we do >.>
Tri (9:46:35 PM): ^^
Tri (9:46:42 PM): i go to a Church in GP
Tri (9:46:59 PM): i know some girl there...
Tri (9:47:01 PM): that makes
Tri (9:47:07 PM): Straight 97-100's in her english school
Tri (9:47:10 PM): her report card was like..
Tri (9:47:10 PM): wow
Tri (9:47:49 PM): but its not that bad
Tri (9:47:53 PM): we get parties sometimes
Tri (9:47:55 PM): and food ^^
Tri (9:47:59 PM): and festivals
Tri (9:48:06 PM): theres one coming up on Saturday
KVT (9:47:33 PM): is it only on sunday?
Tri (9:48:11 PM): yea
Tri (9:48:14 PM): but the homework is crazy
Tri (9:48:18 PM): its set for Monday-Friday homework
Tri (9:48:33 PM): but its pretty ez for me now
Tri (9:48:45 PM): i can write , read , and speak[not alot of big words] pretty well
KVT (9:48:20 PM): so you must think that public school is pretty easy and laid-back in comparison
KVT (9:48:56 PM): so your parents would probably like to see more homework and uniforms in regular school.
Tri (9:49:05 PM): i always thought that ^^
Tri (9:49:17 PM): in church school
Tri (9:49:30 PM): the 1st class is about learning about god
KVT (9:49:12 PM): is it Catholic?
Tri (9:49:49 PM): yea
KVT (9:49:22 PM): so when do you go to Mass?
Tri (9:50:03 PM): sundays?
Tri (9:50:04 PM): ^^
Tri (9:50:10 PM): and some special days?
KVT (9:49:36 PM): is that when you have school?
Tri (9:50:19 PM): yea right after
KVT (9:49:54 PM): oh, so you are there pretty much all day
Tri (9:50:34 PM): 12:15 PM - 4:30 PM
KVT (9:50:09 PM): wow.
Tri (9:50:45 PM): yea it kills most of my sunday
Tri (9:50:52 PM): and 15-25 min. drive there


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