Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dead Cat and a Tunnel

Mommy came over today so I could help her laminate some cards. When she pulled up in the driveway, Ranger (my new dog, sort of) barked.

I was so happy that he barked. That is his purpose in life; to bark at boogers.... and for all he knew, she was a booger.
Good dog.

Well, after she got over the intital shock of me having a dog again, we went out to Mardel and to Mimi's Cafe. Major Yum.

When we came home, Ranger the Dog was sitting on the driveway waiting for us. We could tell he was proud of himself as he leaped in delight at the sight of us.
There was a farily good sized tunnel beneath the fence gate. He had been busy.

As I went around the the back-yard-side of the fence, I saw the heap of dirt around the mouth of the tunnel.

Off to get a shovel!

After tattling to Ed about his bad son, I started digging a wider hole so I could implant concrete stepping stones under the fence jamb.

In that area between the house and the fence, I dump grass clippings around. It's hard to mow there so I just make a thick mulch of grass and that seems to keep the grass at bay. In that aread today, there was a furry thing. I kicked it and saw that it was a dead thing.

On closer inspection, I could see that it had been a dead cat, and now was just a mat of fur, a jaw, teeth and a bit of skull.


Under the mat of fur were about ONE MILLION maggots.

Ranger seemed to say, "Oh, yeah. That's old."

I sprayed the maggots with Raid and put the fur back over them.

"No sense in trying to fix that mess now", I thought.

Ranger seemed a bit miffed that the hole was gone. But he didn't say anything.


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