Monday, May 14, 2007

Teacher Competency

Fox4 News here in Dallas did an expose' on the failure rate of teachers on their professional competency exams.
It was pretty bad.
There are evidently some teachers in Dallas who have failed the exam for principal something like 40-50 times.

It's incredible.

Then Fox 4 posted links and spreadsheets so that you can look up your child's teacher to see whether or not they passed their tests.

However, no parent will be able to find mine unless they know my maiden name. So it will look to them like I am not on the list at all. (some will assume that means I never took the tests)

But I took the tests alright!

My personal opinion is a bit slanted, because I never studied for ANY of my teacher examinations. I just took them cold-turkey.
I assumed that since I had a DEGREE in the field of science (specifically biology) that it HAD to be easy to take a test in that subject.....and I was right.
After studying a subject for 5 collegiate years and a few years in high school.... DUH!

I took the Professional Development test my first year of teaching. That is the only one I was worried about because the test gives you scenarios and situations, and after teaching in a classroom for a year, I could pretty much justify every answer A through D. LOL!!!!

The biology exam was a cinch. I was one of the first people finished with it and wondered if I should take the time to go back over the test.... but my head was pounding from lack of caffeine and I decided I would rather go to Burger King. So I turned it in without going over it and left all my peers behind. Turned out I didn't score as high as I thought I should... I got a 94 on the biology section and only a 90 on the professional development section.

Two years later, I was forced to take the science composite test in order to teach Physical Science. So I did. I took the test in the spring my second year to teach out of my certification (Physical Science). I didn't study at all. The night before another teacher said there were several equilibrium constant questions on the chemistry portion of the test... so I grabbed my old college chemistry study guide and looked over a few problems on my way to the test.
(I wouldn't call that studying)

(if you can't read it, it says that for the professional development test I made a 90% and the biology certification (secondary) I made a 94%)

I was the first person done with the test.

I scored highest in chemistry, which most of you who know me --- know that it is my most LOATHED subject.

I have attached my score reports here in an attempt to separate myself from the failing teachers..... A vindication of sorts.

(Chemistry = 98%, Earth Science = 71%, Physical Science = 96%, Biology = 89%, Physics = 89%)
Okay, my scores weren't that great (except for chemistry!!!)
The Earth Science score was in the basement.... a 71. BUT I have never taken any sort of earth science in my life to this day..... not in jr. high, not in high school, not in college.... SO THERE! A 71 isn't so bad is it?

So.... don't lump me in with the ones who can't pass the tests.

And don't generalize that teachers are incompetent.

Thank you, that is all.


gleeba said...

Howdy! It's Diana. I'm in Italy! Read my blog and I'll read yours!

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