Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thanks for Playing!

Here are the results to "I'm Skippy with That!" -- a poll

There were:
19 responses of A1- "I have never heard it before in my life."
1 response of A2 - "I have heard from time to time and have no idea what those people are talking about, and why do they keep calling me 'Skippy'?" (Heather)
0 responses of A3- "Not only have I heard it, but I grew up saying it.... what planet did YOU come from?" (The originator of the phrase did not play...)
1 response of A4- "I have heard it before and know what it means from context, yet I have not yet mingled it with my vernacular and probably never will." (Bill)
Several people made commentary that the phrase "Damn skippy!" was something that they have heard and actually use from time to time.

Russ: "Would that include the phrase “Damn Skippy”? I have heard “Damn Skippy” to be a euphemism for affirmative. I do remember it being used in “Major Payne” starring Damon Wayans during a wonderful bedtime story about the Little Engine that Could Make It Back from DaNang.

This should not be confused with “Damn Jiff” or “Damn Peter Pan”, which refer to Peanut Butter that had gone bad."

By the way, Russ didn't actually answer the question fast enough to get his response in before the graph was made.... but he claims to have heard it before.
I got responses from people who grew up in California, Buffalo, Pennsylvania, Houston... all over the place.
SO.... if there is a regional correlation at all, it is probably a NW Louisiana thing.... hint, hint.
Go figure.

Thanks for playing!!


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