Thursday, July 19, 2007

What in Blue Blazes??

My mom wrote this in her myspace blog.
I thought it was interesting and reposted.

What In The Blue Blazes?
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Okay, I think this is about the epitome of cigarette addiction:

On May 29, a family was in their home in Cleburne. David Pawlik (and that's a pretty funny one - paw lik) noticed that "every time my wife lights a cigarette, a blue flame shoots up to the ceiling", according to the fire marshal's report.

He called the Cleburne Fire Dept. nonemergency and was told not to light any more cigarettes.

However, Pawlik's wife, Hazel, just had to "have a quick cigarette" before fire inspectors arrived.
The house exploded. David, Hazel, her husband and their daughter were all injured. Hazel's husband and Pawlik were released, but the daughter is still hospitalized. Hazel (44) died yesterday..

Pawlik is suing Atmos for damages blaming the company for the blast.

The house was a total electric house. They had no gas lines in their home. The natural gas (which has no odor) seeped through the sewer lines and through an air-conditioning unit.

She just had to have another cigarette!

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