Monday, April 2, 2007

I'm Skippy with That!

Have any of you ever heard the phrase, "I'm skippy with that"???
I grew up in north Texas and I thought I had a decent vocabulary and a mental Rolodex full of idioms, but I can honestly say I have never heard that before. My friend can't believe that I have never heard it and says it is a common phrase. I Googled it and Wiki-ed it and found nothing that wasn't about some dude named "Skippy".
So-- have you used this phrase and/or heard it before...... and if you have, then where did you grow up or where is the person from whom you know that uses this term. Etymology intrigues me.

Please COMMENT as:
1) "I have never heard it before in my life."
2) "I have heard from time to time and have no idea what those people are talking about, and why do they keep calling me 'Skippy'?"
3) "Not only have I heard it, but I grew up saying it.... what planet did YOU come from?"
4) "I have heard it before and know what it means from context, yet I have not yet mingled it with my vernacular and probably never will."

I grew up in _____(City)_________, ___(State)______

**I would like to see if there is a regional correlation.
Thank you!


Matt said...

I think "I have heard it before and know what it means from context, yet I have not yet mingled it with my vernacular and probably never will" best fits for me. Arlington,TX.

I have also heard of a similar phrase, "damn straight"...but I don't use that one either. To think of it, I may have learned that at or around school. Wow, kids are learning everything these days!

Cassandra said...

(A)Have never heard of "I'm skippy with that" but have heard of (and used) "damn skippy".
(B)I grew up in southern New York State (just north of NYC).

Chevy said...

I have heard of this phrase before. It come's from the late 80's. It has its roots founded in a Latin term, "Familaous Tious" As you are well aware this is Latin for Family Ties. This phrase was originally coined in a episode of Family Ties, entitled Skippy goes to Camp. (Season 3, Episode 4A) In this episode Skippy (Played by actor John C Smith) was attempting to break up Malory (Justine Bateman) and her boyfriend, Nick (Scott Valentine). Skippy thought by luring Malory to his summer band camp she would fall desperately in love with him and leave her dead-beat boyfriend. Alex (Michael J. Fox) quickly learned of the plan. Alex felt that his plan was obviously not going to work. Alex then commented, "Skippy you are so sure this plan will work, but you haven't thought it through!" Skippy was suppose to respond, "I am OK with that." John C Smith, easily one of the most arrogant castmembers of the hit show, was so enthrauled with his character 'Skippy', he fouled the line up and said: "I'm Skippy with that!!!!". The director did not catch it during the take nor did he in post production. The error was only found during an airing of the show in 1998, while the show was in syndication. Fans of Scott Valentine marched the streets insisting that the error be digitally dubbed over. Skippy was outraged. (During the early 90's Skippy's character had grown quite the cult following.) Later that year Skippy had planned a comeback, but tragically lost his life in a horrible botox accident. Apparently Smith thought fuller lips were the key to the rejuvenation of his career. Fans of Skippy's retaliated with their own march, chanting: "I'm Skippy with that!!!" To answer Kathryn's question, the phrase is an immortal tribute to the anticts of one, Skippy. He will always live on in our hearts.

Skippy RIP 1965-1998

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