Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter Book and Movie and my prediction of the OUTCOME of the book finale

Some guy in Vancouver has posted the first 4oo or so pages of the new book release.....

Deathly Hallows - the cover page

The new Harry Potter movie is out. I saw it. I don't remember the actual whole name of it... but I am sure that if I cared enough to Google it I could find it. You probably know what it was called and that's all that matters. If not, you can Google it.

Okay, so there is this battle with Harry against the dark lord guy and Harry has this army of witches helping him, (or trying to help), fight. He is down and about to use some evil spell on a more evil person. Then, when he is about to break and die or turn to "the dark side" or whatever, I kept expecting him to call out to God to save him, but he never does.

He depends on his own will and strength and it barely is enough.

It would have been better had he humbled himself and called out to God. The author messed up there a lot.
I have a prediciton though--- this is what will happen-- after July 21st you can tell me if I was right:

Harry will turn to the dark side. He will fall completely into evil and do so very easily. His own will and strength will not be enough to avoid this pitfall. His army of witches will battle tirelessly to save him-- all the while, never turning to God. Then in a wicked turn for the worse, Hermoine will have to die on account of his own pridefull neglegance and arrogance of dabling in the "dark side" and falling prey to it. Only this will bring him around, but by then, the sad aftermath will be his eternal punishment.

He will learn a partial lesson too late.

You will have to read it and see how close I get. I have never read one of the books, but the foreshadowing in the movie made me come up with my own conclusion.

Let me know. I will wait a few years for the next movie I guess.

Edit- three hours later

Well, guess we won't have to wait. Go to any of your favorite torrent sites (ie. thepiratebay or mininova) and you can download a copy of the book in photo form. You can tell that it is the real book, page by page. Somebody photographed each page up to page 495 then the last few pages too. You can see each page as a photo.


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